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Piss Off Dick (Cheney)–Support Mark Schauer


(Thanks to Fitzy for liberating his invitation.)

As we speak, I’m sitting in Ann Arbor, MI. It’s quiet. There’s a air of foreboding, imminent danger.

In just minutes, Dick Cheney is coming to the area.

(Don’t worry, I’ve already donned my kevlar vest and buckshot-proof umpire’s mask.)

Dick is trying to help crazy wingnut Congressman Tim Walberg (MI-07) stay in Congress. Tim Walberg, one of the least influential Congressmen who isn’t already under indictment. Tim Walberg, who is so pathetic, even the local GOP would love someone better. This is the guy who invited Dick Cheney into my neighborhood.

But you can help make Tim Walberg pay for inviting Dick into my neighborhood. Support Blue America candidate, Mark Schauer.

Mark Schauer’s the guy we expect will rid MI-07 of crazy Tim Walberg come November. He currently represents Battle Creek in the State Senate (where Democrats elected him the Democratic Leader); Battle Creek makes up a healthy chunk of the more conservative part of this district, while other parts of the district are getting increasingly filled with good liberals leaking out of Lansing and Ann Arbor. Mark already polls even with Walberg when you compare bio to bio.

"If I were in Tim Walberg’s camp, I would have grave concerns at this point that a relatively unknown Democrat in a traditionally Republican district can match up so competitively," said EPIC-MRA political analyst John Cavanagh.

Mark has spent a long time helping to improve the lives of people in this district. He’ll be able to do more from DC. And he’ll be a good friend and reliable Democrat to help the rest of us repair the damage done by Dick Cheney.

This week, the blogosphere is aiming to increase Dick and Tim’s "grave concern" by fundraising for Mark Schauer. Please join that effort. Do it to piss off Dick. And do it to add a great Democrat to the House of Representatives.

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