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Thursday Late Nite: McCain’s “Spiritual Guide”

Meet Rod Parsley, the minister who supports St John McCain (who isn’t John Hagee).

 McCain appeared  with Parsley at a campaign event last week in Cincinnati and called him a "spiritual guide."  

 Parsley called McCain a "strong true consistent conservative."  There is, however, one point of agreement I have with Rod Parsley:

"Yet at the same time, when you put John McCain up against Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, the ideological and philosophical differences are overwhelming," Parsley said.

Got it, Reverend.

Please share the video with any tolerant friends who think McCain will go easy on the homosexuals. Looks to me like the "army of Patriot Pastors" is rolling out their McCain love one week at a time.

{video courtesy of, a project of People For the American Way}

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge