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Bush Fumbles Passing Of Torch To McCain

mccain_bush_hug_300.thumbnail.jpgWhat a perfect metaphor for this loser. Mr. 19% manages to screw up St. McCain’s photo-op coronation:

President Bush walked out the front door of the White House this morning to greet the new Republican nominee for president, Sen. John McCain, under the elegant North Portico, a spot usually reserved for foreign dignitaries.

But McCain and his wife, Cindy, had not arrived yet.

The president deflected questions from the press, saying there would be plenty of time for that later during a Rose Garden gathering. He did agree, however, that “it is a beautiful day.”

“Well anyway, as I was saying,” Bush joked, deciding to blame his advance man for the timing snafu.

Bush proceeded to do a little soft shoe for the press. “I’m just going to tap dance,” he said.

And that’s exactly what St. McCain is going to have to do when Democrats keep reminding voters that voting for St. McCain is just the same as voting for a third term for Bush.

“Let’s start over and play like it never happened,” he said, disappearing inside the White House for a minute.

That’s what the American people are thinking about your presidency, Bushie.


TP has video. (h/t perris)

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