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When Sick People Receive Aggression Training

This is what happens: a fun-time video shoot that captures a marine throwing a puppy from a cliff. YouTube took it down, but the video is out there. That link contains information about the soldier alleged to have done the throwing. Here's another non-US based link to the video. Be warned, those links contain one of the sickest things I've seen recently.

Sadly, this isn't the first video of its kind. Another staggeringly disturbing video is here.

It's not clear whether the puppy in the first video is dead or alive before it's thrown from the cliff. The yelping noise could be from someone off camera, or possibly it was dubbed in.

I'm holding out hope, for the sake of a dog's life and not out of any belief that men are incapable of such horrors – they are – that the video was faked using a puppy dead of natural causes.

If it is fake:

1) Haha, that's real effin hilarious. Let's lower military standards (or here) even more so that we can have more of this please.

2) These guys deserve every bit of scrutiny they receive due to their oh so funny video.

3) Cue Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck to defend these creeps (well, that will happen whether the video is real or faked).

If it's not fake, I just don't know what to write.

One thing I'll add is that, of course, not all military personnel are like this. Who said they were? Search the web; there are plenty of links to news stories that show good soldiers caring for their dogs. Some of the stories you'll find are truly touching. But should being a soldier mean automatic protection from light shining on misdeeds you've committed? Some would argue it means that you should face more scrutiny than the rest of us.

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