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Theresa Rickman Admits To Locker Room Media Stunt

Would Jesus approve of bearing bearing false witness against transgender people? Is that what conservative Christians now support — baring bearing false witness to make “Christian” points?

Well, if you’re Theresa Rickman of the Citizens For A Responsible Government, it’s apparently okay to bare bear false witness against transgender people.  If you’re a professional Christian like Matt Barber or Martha Kleder — both with the Concerned Women For America (CWA) — it’s apparently okay to use pejoratives like “she-male” (Matt: here; Martha: below) — and suborn baring bearing false witness by not pointing out that their podcast guest created a media stunt, specifically to slander transgender people with false allegations of bad behavior in bathrooms and locker rooms.  

In the breathless words of Martha Kleder: “Oh my goodness!”

Here’s a partial transcript of the recent CWA Podcast, surrounded by some commentary by JimK of’s Vigilance Blog:

But here’s the interesting part. A while back, a man in a dress went into a gym at Rio. He signed in, went to the ladies locker-room, and came out again. Channel Seven responded immediately with a breathless account. We found out later that Theresa Rickman was actually in the lobby of the gym when this happened, but the Citizens for Whatever have consistently denied that the event was staged.

Until now.

MARTHA KLEDER: Well Theresa, I also heard that someone tried to test this. Was there some event where a transgender or a shemale or someone tried to use the opposite sex bathroom?

THERESA RICKMAN: Yes, at Rio Sport and Health up in Germantown. A guy dressed as a girl went into the ladies bathroom. And, ah you know, essentially what uh, that was meant to get some media attention, you know, and the guy left immediately apparently, I mean but there was, this is the Rio Sport and Health Club, you know and Sport and Health has steam rooms, and there are ladies changing in those locker rooms, people in various stages of undress [laughing] all the time, so there’s lots a guy can see.

Yes, that is just what we were saying: this was meant to get some media attention. Greta Kreuz from Channel Seven sent an email saying she was “offended by suggestions that this incident was fabricated by this group and that Channel 7 got sucked into reporting it as part of an ‘agenda.'” We don’t know if she was fooled by it, or if she was part of the plan in the first place, but Channel Seven was the only outlet to tell their public about this “test of the new law.”

Well well well.  Wasn’t that some seriously Christian behavior on Theresa’s, Martha’s, and Matt’s part now, eh?

I would call again for organizations like the American Family Association, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, or Focus On The Family/CitizenLink to renounce the CWA for their use of the “she-male” pejorative, as well as now for the CWA suborning the false witness baring bearing of Theresa Rickman, but I won’t bother.  Frankly, I doubt any religious right organization will look past their hate of LGBT people to condemn the bad public behavior by one of their peer “Christian” organizations.


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