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Never-Ending Primary Thread #3 – The MOST IMPORTANT PRIMARY EVAR!!!1!

Update: MSNBC calls Rhode Island for Clinton.

Super Tuesday may have been March February Madness, but tonight is more like the Final Four. Whichever Democratic candidate does not sweep all four primaries should drop out immediately.

If neither one sweeps, then they should both drop out, because they have clearly failed to make their case to the American people, and the inevitable vaporization by the Unstoppable McCain McJuggernaut would lay waste to the Democratic brand for the next 10,000 years. I am Very Serious about this.

As of 9PM on The Ultimate Day Of Reckoning OMG, CNN is reporting:

Texas (primary): Obama 54%, Clinton 45% (1% of the vote)

Ohio: Clinton 60%, Obama 38% (0% of the vote)

Vermont: Obama 59%, Clinton 39% (CNN calls it for Obama with 38% of the vote)

Oh, and McCain appears to be winning all of his primaries pretty handily, in case you were wondering.

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