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If You Have Any Poo, Fling It Now…

It is primary day in Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas and Vermont today. If you voted, or are working the polls or for a candidate, share your stories with the rest of us. Today is going to be a nailbiter — and a thrilling one to watch for political junkies.

Which leads me to the YouTube: the snipy, nasty, backstabbing idiocy that has taken over a certain segment of the comments of every political blog in the form of "my candidate is Jesus and yours is Satan." It has to stop. Truly.

Because your zeal to promote your particular candidate — who is TEH AWESOME FOR WORDS — is driving everyone else batshit crazy. Why? Repeating talking points that everyone has already seen for months and months is annoying — be they for or against a particular candidate — and…it’s just silly.

As in KLo still mourning over the loss of the daily Mitt hair-do report and teh awesome suit and how his tie color brings out his eyes and dazzling pearly white smile and… just silly.

Here’s a clue for everyone engaging in the ritual primary poo flinging with gusto: these people are politicians. Your candidate is not the second coming (or the first, depending to what religion you may or may not adhere). Your candidate is, first and foremost, interested in doing whatever it takes to get elected. Period. Regardless of party.

Because this is…wait for ita political process. And a lengthy primary is nothing new. So suck it up, people.

But if you cannot help yourself. If getting that last jab in is beyond your control. If you must rebut that last nagging nitpick from two days ago or your brain will explode. If you must share the welling up of your heart for this really important tangential reason that keeps you up at night (and why does this sound like a faculty party fight about the importance of a 16th century Spanish literature folk tale to all of Western civilization as we know it?)…then this is the thread for you.

Fling your poo. But keep it here.

Don’t drag it around, because we are going to be up late and trying to parse out a lot of information, and would like to do so without having to moderate poo-flinging personal insults and invective. For one thing, it tears at the community we have worked hard to build here over the last few years. And that messes with our long-term effort to elect more and better Democrats. It’s been a long primary, which may not be over even after all the votes are tallied today, and no one wants to spend the day wearing hip waders.

So, if you have any poo, fling it now…

John Harwood lays out the timing for poll closure:

Vermont — 7 pm ET

Ohio — 7:30 pm ET

Rhode Island — 9 pm ET

Texas — 9 pm ET to determine 2/3 of the delegates, with an evening caucus to follow to determine the other 1/3 delegate allocation.

Independents can vote in all four primaries today — and the earliest returns in from Texas are worth watching closely, as Harwood says, because they could foretell overall campaign strength for Dem candidates. Same goes for Ohio, but more as a weathervane for McCain’s ability to pull in anyone beyond the kool-aidy GOP voters. Lots to watch today, including the weather and voter turn-out.

(Oh, and your favorite candidate still sucks. If you can’t laugh, then you are taking things a little too seriously. Huge H/T to Mr. ReddHedd who reminded me of this scene.)

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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