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“Tongue In Cheek?” Nice Try.

stupidwomen.thumbnail.jpgWashington Post Outlook Editor John Pomfret says that Charlotte Allen’s deeply offensive piece in the Post yesterday was "tongue in cheek":

Pomfret said that being an opinion article, he’s not surprised readers reacted to it strongly. But added: “Perhaps it wasn’t packaged well enough to make it clear that it was tongue-in-cheek.”

Even if intended as a joke, the Allen piece clearly isn’t the best way for the Post to achieve its goal of bringing in more women readers, and it remains to be seen if the fallout continues today.

“It’s not the first time in opinion journalism that something has fallen flat,” Pomfret said.

Yeah and I’m sure when Kate O’Beirne put those cartoons of women in the style of Nazi propaganda about Jews on the cover of her book she thought it was funny as hell too, but it didn’t make her any less of a misogynistic asshole.

It’s no coincidence that Allen has been writing anti-women pieces for the Independent Women’s Forum (standard garden variety Title IX , feminist bashing stuff). The IWF is a wingnut welfare shop whose "directors emeritae" include Lynn Cheney and Kate O’Beirne. Basically they get a lot of money to to pretend to speak for women while working to undermine their rights. A real Frank Luntz doublespeak racket.

Note to Pomfret: In the age of teh google, truncating her bio didn’t fool anyone.

Laura Rozen:

His explanation is if possible even more insulting to readers’ intelligence than his decision to run the original piece.

And frankly, it doesn’t matter. The Post contributor who lost his job for offending Jewish groups with his Post piece didn’t mean to offend Jewish groups, but he did and his editors apologized and took other steps to make amends.

And although Pomfret may have published the piece, the WPNI were the ones who decided to throw gasoline on the fire by featuring the article with this offending picture on the front page.

And for that, you can thank my good friend… Jim Brady.

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