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Iranian Hitler Receives Red Carpet Treatment In Iraq

1435157946_39624fcbdb_m.jpgOne of the many recent justifications for the Iraq occupation is that we build a stable Iraq that is our ally in the War on Terror(TM).

How’s that going?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was greeted with hugs and kisses on the first day of his historic visit to Iraq on Sunday, marking a dramatic break with the past for the two former foes and a new challenge to U.S. influence in Iraq.

The grandeur of the visit was a stark contrast to the rushed, secretive trips made in the past to Iraq by President Bush, signaling that Iran is now a dominant player in Iraq’s affairs, despite the U.S. occupation and the U.S.-led efforts to isolate the Iranian regime.

Why is Iraq, our good friend that wants us to stay forever and loves America and President Bush, playing host to the next Hitler who wants to nuke us and start another holocaust? 

And its not just the Iraqi government that likes Hitler. The people seem to as well:

Ahmadinejad shunned the security measures followed by many other leaders on visits to Baghdad, riding from Baghdad’s airport in a civilian-style sedan — and not an armored military vehicle or helicopter — to central Baghdad.

His official welcome and meeting with Talabani was at the presidential house outside of the heavily-fortified International Zone where most high-level events in Baghdad are held.

And his early Monday visit to the Imam Moussa al-Kadhim shrine in Kadhimiya, the Shiite district in northwestern Baghdad, served to underscore his point.

Remember, Iran and Iraq hated each other before Bush’s war — now they hate us. Maybe he is a uniter after all.

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