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From Obama has led a life that sounds like a really bad B-movie, the sort of life that brings out the gossip hound in every journalist. Her first brush with controversy came when she was still in her teens, and killed a male friend who was rumored to have just broken off a serious relationship with her. Some years later, she met and married the young Harvard graduate Barack Obama, whose problems with alcohol — and, it is strongly indicated, other substances — caused him to storm around in violent rages until she finally got him to lay off the sauce a little over a decade ago.

Oh, wait: That’s not Michelle Obama I was describing, it was Laura Bush.

Seriously: If you change the names from "Michelle Obama" and "Barack Obama" to "Laura Bush" and "George W. Bush" in that little spiel above, you have a litany of little-known facts about the woman currently living in the White House as our First Lady. If Michelle Obama had done any of these things, the collective screech from the howler monkeys known as our GOP/Media Complex could be heard on Mars and her husband’s campaign would be effectively over. But of course Laura Bush did them, and the press paints her as a stainless saint and helpmeet.

As usual, the media raises the bar up to Mount Everest for Democrats and their spouses, whereas for Republicans and their spouses they drop it in the Marianas Trench.

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