American Caduceus, by Dark WraithHealth Beat has a two-part article, "The Cholestrol Con," by Maggie Mahar, about how the American public once again got hoodwinked into spending billions of dollars on useless drugs that researchers knew were no better than cheap, over-the-counter products. In this case, for most people, it turns out that aspirin and fish oil supplements are every bit as effective against heart attacks as those fancy, expensive statins middle-aged people pop like candy. It seems that eight of the nine doctors on the U.S. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute panel of "experts" who had been recommending the statins were also on the money-bag list of the pharmaceutical companies making the over-hyped meds, which are sold under such names as Lipitor, Crestor, Mevacor, Zocor, and Pravachol.

The ever-gullible public, genuflecting as it invariably does to the religion of "Medical Science," bowed down, believed, and paid the staggering price for yet one more of modern medicine's false promises of near-immortality.

As much as some scholars lament the utter loss of inductive critical thinking skills among Americans, the far greater tragedy apparent from this latest madness in the litany of pharmaceutical scams and misdeeds is that, somewhere along the way, the meatloaf-dense consumers of this great country unplugged their hotline to Clueville, thereby ensuring that they are primed and ready for the next promise of life everlasting from self-serving professionals who, if they did the same thing on street corners, would be called the whores they are. (The difference being that, whereas a prostitute will don scrubs for a big tip, the medical expert will sport fishnet stockings only for a generous consulting fee.)

Won't it be great when we get that universal healthcare coverage? That way, we can all foot the bill the next time tens of millions of suckers desperately want to make their donations to the Church of Medicine.

The Dark Wraith can hardly wait to be shaken down for that scam.

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Dark Wraith

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