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McCain’s New Iraq Spin

bush_mccain_022207_xlg.thumbnail.jpgIt seems like every day there’s a new one, doesn’t it

Of Mr. Obama’s criticism that America should never have gone to war against Iraq, Mr. McCain said: "That’s history, that’s the past."

"What we should be talking about is what we’re going to be doing now," he told 600 workers gathered in a large manufacturing hall festooned with flags and orange Texas Instruments banners.

Erm, in politics, "the past" is what we typically call "your record." And St. McCain’s record includes authorizing and cheerleading for George Bush’s totally awesome invasion and occupation of Iraq.  Sorry, St. McCain, you can run but you can’t hide. 

And this bit is kinda funny:

"I’m a proud conservative liberal Republican – ah, conservative Republican," he said as the audience laughed.

"Easy there," he said, pausing a moment. "Let me say this: I’m a proud conservative Republican and both of my likely opponents are liberal Democrats."

Like a well-oiled machine, isn’t he?

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Blue Texan