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McCain, In Hole On Iraq, Digs Deeper

bush_mccain_022207_xlg.thumbnail.jpgYesterday, St. McCain said this about Iraq:

"Al Qaeda is in Iraq. And that’s why we’re fighting in Iraq, and that’s why we’re succeeding in Iraq."

So we’re succeeding in Iraq … because al Qaeda’s in Iraq? WTF?

And what happened to this from just a day earlier?

The Iraq War, Mr. McCain said, will be over "soon."

He continued: "…the war for all intents and purposes, although the insurgency will go on for years and years and years, but it will be handled by the Iraqis, not by us, and then we decide what kind of security arrangement we want to have with the Iraqis. … "

So according to St. McCain, al Qaeda will be defeated "soon." Really? And al Qaeda is, by his definition, not part of the insurgency.

This makes absolutely no sense, but still, we should listen to St. McCain because he’s very serious. 

For more incoherence, see Attaturk.

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