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Republican Fundraising Still Sucks

When last we checked in with John Boehner, he was whining about how much the NRCC’s fundraising "sucked." Now he’s getting angry.

House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) challenged Republicans on Tuesday to get off their “dead asses” and start raising money for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Potty mouth!

And this is pretty funny:

According to numbers read during the Tuesday morning meeting, only 15 Republicans have met their pledged fundraising goal for the dinner. Among them are Texas Reps. Mike Conaway and Pete Sessions and South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson, a source familiar with the fundraising totals said. Another 42 have set a pledged target but failed to contribute the bulk of that money. And an astonishing 142 members — almost three-fourths of the Republicans in the House — have failed even to set a fundraising target.

I guess the lesson here is when you annoint a Faulknerian man-child as your party’s leader, who then proceeds to lose two wars and generally run the country into the shitter, donations tend to dry up.

Politics is funny that way!

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