Autumn Sandeen has been following and posting on this story. A Referendum Built on a Factoid will clue you into the details of it all:

Theresa Rickman and her Citizens for a Responsible Government have won a victory in their efforts to repeal Montgomery County BILL 23-07. They’ve gathered the necessary signatures for a referendum on the bill — the transgender civil rights ordinance which otherwise would have taken effect today [Fri Feb 22, 2008]

It’s an excellent article (as usual), replete with all of the necessary and relative links.


Citizens for a Responsible Government is an offshoot of Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, CRG, and CRC respectively. Same entity, different names.

Now, CRC has been having a legal hissy fit ever since Montgomery County decided to teach in their sex-ed classes that homosexuality is an aspect of human sexuality, as opposed to the CRC’s ideology that same-gender attraction is a behavior confined to unsafe anal sex that automatically leads to AIDS. And yes, according to them, that apparently includes you lesbians.

CRC proudly links to a pdf piece entitled “CRC Pres., John Garza, responds to Allan Lichtman’s op ed in Gazette.” Where Garza shamelessly equates same-gender attraction with, among other things, the sexual attraction to feces:  

Lichman wants to open the door to “sexual orientation” but apparently only certain sexual orientations. Not all 30 orientations found in the DSM-IV-R are discussed or even mentioned in the curriculum, such as Apotemnophilia – sexual arousal associated with the stump of an amputee; Coprophilia – sexual arousal associated with feces; Kleptophilia – obtaining sexual excitement from stealing; Sexual Sadism – the intentional infliction of pain or humiliation on another person in order to achieve sexual excitement; not to mention pedophilia, necrophilia. Will the next “revised” curriculum teach “tolerance” for these charming “orientations?” After all, Sexual Identity Disorder is celebrated in the curriculum by Portia.

Despite the failure of their lawsuits to stop the sex-ed curriculum, Theresa Rickman, now taking the lead in fomenting this current orgy of hatred toward the transgendered citizens of Montgomery County, doesn’t even have kids in the public school system:

#2702 Oct 12, 2007, Theresa Rickman , Maryland

given the outrageous determination by the public schools to corrupt children to believe that ANYTHING GOES, sex at any age is just fine, and at age 10 we don’t care if you wait until you are married, just wait until you are older, no wonder so many parents are pulling their children out of the public school system. I have kids in the private schools, except for the one year I put them in public school. At age 10, at the “health curriculum” where they were going to tell FIFTH GRADERs to wait until they were OLDER (NOT WAIT until they were married to have sex). I attended the meeting for that sex ed curriculum at North Chevy Chase middle school in MD when my children were enrolled. The parents were shown at that meeting the video they were planning on showing the 10 year olds. It showed the a boy having a wet dream sneaking out of his room in the morning with his dirtied sheets and wandering into his older brother who proceeds to explain the birds and bees… At that meeting we were told that during the class the kids would write down questions and the teacher would read them to the class. I asked if a child asked the question “what is anal sex” would they read that to the class of 10 year olds. The answer was yes. I got up and left, my kids were back in private school within a week. this is just the start of the attack of the public schools in their attempt to destroy religous freedom. WATCH OUT. Theresa Rickman CRC Secretary – the group that is fighting the pro gay advocacy curriculum in montomery county.

The option of opting her kids out of the curriculum wasn’t enough for her. Putting her kids in private schools wasn’t enough for her. This woman is determined to define the GLBT students, and Citizens of Montgomery County, for everyone else. Did I mention she’s a Christian?

So having lost that battle — so far anyway — they need to find a new minority to hate.

Enter Gender Identity protection, and the not my Citizens for a Responsible Government determined to fight those protections. Whom better for these “Apple of God’s eye” Christians to take their frustrations out on than the least among us?

Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum (again, same group) has a blog page. And apparently prolonging discrimination against the transgendered citizens of Montgomery County by painting them as predators and pedophiles wasn’t enough for them. It seems that a good mocking was in order. Posted under cover of anonymity of course. But then again, clearly done with Theresa Rickman’s approval.

It’s actually rather clever. Demonic, but clever.

A snippet:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

“Perceived” Disabled Man To File Lawsuit Against Montgomery County

The suit will use the new anti-discrimination law protecting “perceived” transgendered individuals. Tank Thompson […] who is a physical trainer and national black belt karate champion recently discovered that he has always been disabled and unable to walk.

Upon discovering his disability Tank purchased a wheelchair and quit working. “I always felt I was disabled, even when I was a young man.” Stated Tank. Tank found kind hearted doctors in San Francisco willing to amputate his legs so he can complete his transformation to disabled status. Tank is going to work for perceived disabled rights and plans to start a group called Parents and Friends of Perceived Disabled (PFPD). “I intend to get PFPD clubs into the schools as well” stated Tank.

Nice huh? When I first read that, I thought he said “purchased a wheelchair and quit walking.”

Whatever one’s beliefs, it’s garbage like this that leads me to believe that the goal of these Christians people is to ENSURE not only the “eternal damnation” of those they hate, but also that anyone else they consider to be unsaved (from “eternal torment”), who then happens to “reject salvation” as the result of their hateful behavior, are expendable for this goal … to ensure the eternal damnation of those they hate.

It seems they literally worship a god who cannot touch them. Now, or ever.




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