Here’s the Sunday talking head line-up for today:

Washington Journal:  7:20am – Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK); 7:45am – Newspaper Articles & Viewer Calls; 8am – Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D-NY); 8:15am – Newspaper Articles & Viewer Calls; 8:30am – Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D-KS); 8:50am – Newspaper Articles & Viewer Calls; 9am – Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL); 9:30am – Newspaper Articles & Viewer Calls.

ABC’s This Week:  Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) on Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq.  Roundtable: E.J. Dionne Washington Post, Peggy Noonan Wall Street Journal, Cokie Roberts, George Will.

CBS’ Face The Nation:  Charlie Black, strategist for Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign  [CHS notes:  That’s "Charlie Black, uber-lobbyist" to you.  See video at left, in honor of Charlie’s use of his cell phone to make lobbying calls from the "Straight Talk Express."  Wonder if all the many other lobbyist-turned-strategists and fundraising bundlers who work (some for "free" — but don’t you suspect they want payment somehow?!?) for Team McCain make lobbying calls from the campaign bus, too?  The jokes just write themselves here, don’t they?]; Govs. Jennifer Granholm, D-Mich., and Janet Napolitano, D-Ariz.

CNN’s Late Edition:  Adm. Mike McConnell: Director of National Intelligence. Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA), Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D-KS); Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE), Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN). Robert Bennett lawyer for John McCain. Bill Schneider CNN Senior Political Analyst; Amy Walter The Hotline, CNN Political Contributor;  Suzanne Malveaux CNN White House Correspondent.  (AP is also reporting Mike Huckabee may be on, but he isn’t listed on the CNN website.  Just so ya know.)

Fox News Sunday:  Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN), Mark Sanford (R-SC), Tim Kaine (D-VA), Jon Corzine (D-N.J).

NBC’s Meet The Press:  Ralph Nader.  Roundtable: David Brooks, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Michele Norris, Chuck Todd.

Chris Matthews:  Dan Rather HD Net Global, Gloria Bolger U.S. News & World Report, Norah O’Donnell MSNBC Chief Washington Correspondent, Howard Fineman Newsweek Chief Political Correspondent.

Sixty MinutesThe Prosecution of Governor Siegelman:  Don Siegelman was a successful Democratic politician in the heavily Republican state of Alabama when he was convicted of bribery in a case that has drawn criticism from Democrats and Republicans. Scott Pelley reports.  The Murder of Chauncey Bailey: Shot-gunned to death in the course of reporting a story, police say newspaper editor Chauncey Bailey was probably killed to keep that story out of print. CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports.  What’s Wrong With The Bees: Over the past year, some beekeepers have lost up to 90 percent of their hives to what scientists have named colony collapse disorder. Because honeybees help to produce a third of the foods we eat, the mysterious disorder could have severe consequences. Steve Kroft reports.

H/T to Elliott.  And to the fine folks at Brave New Films for the "My McCain Friends" video.  Priceless.

Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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