. If there’s an Oscar given out for Worst Comb-over Of the Modern Era, it goes to Mike McConnell, whose need to give Enron Ed’s telecom clients immunity has been responsible for for a "national security" argument that’s about as persuasive as the sweep of his locks. This morning on Late Edition he said the telecoms all turned into reluctant virgins last week after the PAA expired, and he needed the power to "compel" them to cooperate with domestic spying. Yeah, it’s called a warrant.

. Doris Kearns Goodwin was on MTP talking about whether Obama copped lines from Duval Patrick for his speech or not. She went into a long discourse about how politicians are always "borrowing and absorbing patterns and evolving," and dismissed it as no big deal. Which may in fact be true. But is she the best person to be weighing in on this? Considering that the biggest scandal of her career was about plagiarism, it was kinda like asking Roger Clemens to speculate about the problem of steroids in the WWF and making no reference to, you know, the elephant in the room.

. Bill Richardson told Wolf Blitzer that he will probably be making an endorsement soon, and that there are too many superdelegates (of which he is one). He said he believes that those superdelegates should vote the way that the people who elected them voted. Wolf noted that Hillary Clinton won New Mexico so that meant he would have to vote for Clinton. It didn’t appear that Richardson had thought that one through. "Well, only by one percent," he said.

. I can’t decide whether my favorite moment of the morning was concern troll Bill Kristol recommending Hillary Clinton adopt the politics of fear, Ralph Nadar announcing his candidacy, or CNN’s Ali Velshi reporting from Texas in a cowboy hat. File under "just because nobody asked for it."

. I don’t know who on the Clinton campaign decided that attacking William Ayers for being a member of the Weather Underground was a good idea, but you have to think that someone would have remembered that Bill pardoned Susan Rosenberg (also a member of the Weather Underground) on his way out the door. Hello? Anybody home? (h/t MBH)

. I’m sorry, Huckabee was hilarious last night on SNL. And oh yeah…bitches get stuff done.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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