Okay I wasn’t the only one creeped out by Joe Lieberman attesting to John McCain’s marital fidelity:

Even Joe Lieberman, who is not a Republican but who often "unites" with them, and sometimes on the first date, accused the Times of "puking" up 8-year-old rumors. That may not sound senatorial to you, but it was in fact a respectful invocation of Sen. Henry Clay’s famous 1850 speech about compromise, in which Clay asked: "What if, in the march of this nation to greatness and power, we should be buried beneath the puke that propels it onward?"

Lieberman had an even more important role to play in convincing us of McCain’s innocence. He explained that he and McCain had traveled the world and met many lovely ladies and that he had never seen McCain do anything inappropriate.

Not that there haven’t been some opportunities for those two mack daddies, right? When they hit Abu Dhabi in their Miami Vice unstructured white sports jackets and Don Johnson cheek stubble, it’s like ring-a-ding-ding, hey there, you with the stars in your eyes. I’m sure that China doll down in old Hong Kong waits for their return.

If only they weren’t so darned ethical!, say all those beautiful babies whose hearts are breaking. With Joe Lieberman as his wing man, McCain could have sampled the sexual banquet tables of this world, and not just young American lobbyists who look exactly like Amy Poehler impersonating his wife.

Be still my heart.

(h/t tparty)

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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