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Day Four: Barack Obama Gets It


Watertiger’s terrific art notwithstanding, St John McCain’s dalliance with Vicki Iseman isn’t about the lady, it’s about the lobbyists: the lobbyists infesting McCain’s campaign. Barack Obama gets that:

Obama broadened his criticism to McCain’s ties to lobbyists in general, saying, "He takes their money and has put them in charge of his campaign."

The Illinois senator returned to the subject later, when he said it was indisputable that McCain’s "got his top advisers in this campaign are lobbyists, that many of them have been running their business on the campaign bus while they’ve been helping him."

An aide said Obama was referring to Charlie Black, and pointed to a recent published report that said the McCain strategist, who is a registered lobbyist, does a lot of work by phone from McCain’s campaign bus.


The Democratic presidential hopeful also said McCain’s health care plans reflect "the agenda of the drug and insurance lobbyists, who back his campaign and use money and influence to block real health care reform."

More of this please.

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Teddy Partridge