Red State:

If you ever wanted to know who the New York Times thinks is the enemy, look no further than their hit job on John McCain today. They wouldn’t do something this dirty to Osama Bin Laden.

You’ve gotta love complaints about "hit jobs" — from the people that just called Obama a Stalinist yesterday.

The Corner:

I’m the typical conservative who has not been happy with the McCain ascendancy, but the NYTimes has accomplished what Tojo did with Pearl Harbor. They have awoken a sleeping giant. We have been reminded who the real enemy is and it is not Senator McCain. I’m ordering my bumper sticker today.

See, McCain’s alleged tryst with a lobbyist is good for Republicans! (And what is it with these people and the word "enemy"?)

Town Hall:

This doesn’t reflect badly on anyone but the Times, as far as I’m concerned. The innuendo and full-on craptastic nature of the lede alone is enough to damn any actual facts that follow, which are few and far between.

It’s craptastic! And Mary also thinks it will cause conservatives to "rally" around McCain.

The problem with all of this hysterical Times bashing is — the story is also in the neoconservative Washington Post.

And the AP.

Enemies everywhere! Conservatives will rally!

Blue Texan

Blue Texan