Journey To The Darkside

I have been absorbed.

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After twelve years of wandering the wastelands of Compaq, Sony, Dell, and HP I finally bought an iMac.

Never again will I have to read, "Buy a Mac" in the comments (unless I’m reading Kevin Drum’s comments where that line comes up about twelve times a day).

I’ve been holding off since last summer when I bought the L&T Casey her MacBook. First it was waiting for Leopard, then I didn’t want to do it because my software is all for PC’s (and I’ll be damed if I’m going to buy Photoshop/Illustrator/Dreamweaver/Flash again), then it was just the general inertia of an old dog who doesn’t want to learn new tricks. But I have to admit, ever since I saw these, I’ve had Apple-wood. Now I can start being smug. Okay. Smug-ger.

Blogging will resume when I get the thingamajig out of the box, hook up the dealey-bop and learn how to use the whatsis.

Don’t wait up…

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