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Ex-gay therapist on the evils of spanking the monkey

I will leave it to Box Turtle Bulletin‘s Jim Burroway to do the lead in on this clip of “ex-gay” outfit Love In Action Director John Smid’s workshop on the damnation known as masturbation.

Watch this, especially at the point about halfway through the video when he talks about respecting his wife while talking about her vagina. When someone like this projects so many of his issues onto everyone else, do you think he’s qualified to teach anyone about sexuality?

Remember, this is an expert on how to pray away the gay — behold, today’s “I’m not sh*tting you” video:

I’m sorry, but my wife’s vagina is enough. I’m going to be honest. It’s enough. It is enough for me. If it is not enough for me, then that’s my problem. You know, I really have to be honest about that. God created her for my fit, he created that and I need to honor and respect my wife. I need to respect that.”

…”What is it that stirs that up? And we have to look at things like how am I talking? What’s my verbage? Who am I relating to?  What kind of clothes am I wearing? Where am I going? Am I visually allowing myself to go into places that stimulate my sexuality? If I’m going to try to deal with masturbation and sexually acting out, I better turn down the flame. ”

…if I could be so bold — what kind of underwear do I wear that no one else sees? When I put that underwear on, am I feeling sexual? Is it stimulating my sense of sexual power? Is it making me feel more erotic? Do I feel more sexual around other people because of the way that I feel wearing that underwear?

However, the work of Love in Action is no joke. As Jim notes on his blog, the ex-gay residential program was where a 16-year-old gay MySpace blogger named Zach was forced by his parents to attend back in 2005 (I blogged about that here). Smid will be at this weekend’s Love Won Out conference in Memphis; Jim and other opponents of the ex-gay movement will be attending a protest of these sham organizations.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding