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Austin Debate Thread #4

John King asks Hillary if the surge is working. Hillary nails it and rejects the premise of his question, reminding him that the surge was about political progress. Good.

One wonders why she applauded Bush during the SOTU when he said it was working. Oh well.

Obama says it’ll be easier to debate McCain on Iraq when one candidate was against the war from the beginning. 

John King goes after Obama on earmarks and says no one knows where the money went. Obama tells him it’s not true and mentions the "Google of government" where you can look up where tax dollars are going.

Hillary knocks McCain on the Bush tax cuts. Good. 


Hillary goes back to health care. She clearly sees this as a key distinction.

Obama responds by bringing up Willard’s plan, which fines people for not paying in. Hmmm. Never heard that before.

Hillary says she "fundamentally" disagrees with Obama — says she wants "universal care."

"I think that are adults are going to see that they can afford it under my plan," Obama says. "The notion that I am interesting in leaving out 15 million people is not true."

On foreign policy:

Obama: "My number one job as president will be to keep the American people safe." Oh, Lordy this again. No, Barack. It’s not. It’s to defend the Constitution. 

Obama makes a convincing case that we screwed up by taking our eye off the ball and going into Iraq.

So far, with the except of the "Xerox" exchange, the debate has been pretty ho-hum.

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