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Austin Debate Thread #3

Austin’s in the house, yo.

Obama handles plagiarism charge very deftly. Everyone laughs when he calls it "silly season in politics."

"We shouldn’t be tearing each other down, we should be lifting the country up."

Finally some fireworks! Hillary calls Obama’s speeches "not change you can believe in, change you can Xerox." The first big boos of the night. She uses this to pivot to attack on health care. 

Obama ignores the "Xerox" comment and goes back to the health care issue.

Are the fireworks over?


I thought Hillary’s opening was much stronger than Obama’s, with nice nods to Barbara Jordan and Ann Richards. Obama, who seemed a little nervous, settled for the "let me tell you about some random person I met yesterday who will humanize the issue I want to talk about" cliche. Both clumsily inserted Ohio into their openings. Eye roll.

First question of the debate was about…Cuba? Really? Gave Obama and Hillary the opportunity to debate completely meaningless distinction of talking to Raul Castro "without preparation" vs. talking with Raul Castro "with preparation," as though Obama would just drop in over the weekend for some mojitos.

Hillary did a good job of fillibustering controlling the action and getting big applause lines. Smart. She’s really a master at this format. 

Immigration — they agree again.

Learning English, yep, they agree.

There hasn’t been much of an opening for Hillary to pivot on a question and go after Obama because they seem to agree on everything.

Why doesn’t John King ask them why they hate America or something?

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