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Clearing the Path For St. John McVain

bush_mccain_022207_xlg.thumbnail.jpgI have to shake my head at the rather transparent timing with which the DC media hacks seem to have trained their sights on Barack Obama. Howard Kurtz this weekend was tut-tutting at his fellow journalists and their glowing coverage of Obama, urging them to be more critical. It was a clarion call to the jackals, one of the many signals this week that we’ve entered the second phase of the build-up/tear down process that the Beltway Bores so cynically love to engage in, where yesterday’s darling now becomes today’s object of mockery and derision.

Now that it looks like Hillary Clinton may be down for the count, David Brooks is right there ridiculing Obama as the "hope pope" ("When the Magic Fades"), McCain gets traction for calling Obama "naive", Bill O’Reilly is threatening Michelle Obama with a "lynching" and everyone is calling Obama the most liberal vote in the Senate. Things that never bothered them before — well, just seem to get in their craw now. Because after all, Obama is no longer running against John Edwards and that haircut, or the shrill Hillary Clinton. Obama’s now running against St. John McVain, He Who Must Be Annointed.

It’s heartening to see this small, self-important, self-appointed group of pundits at work as they set themselves to the task of deciding who our next President will be. And it does look like there’s almost no way Hillary Clinton can make it back from where she’s at, with few plans having been made by the campaign for post-Super Tuesday races. Mike Lux and John Hood say not to count Clinton out, given the formidable will and resources she is able to call upon. But if by chance a miracle happens and she does pull it off, it’ll be in no small part due to the fact that the pundit class jumped the gun and decided to start installing McCain before the Clinton campaign had totally expired.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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