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McCain: Islamic Extremism “Greatest Evil” In The History Of Evil

(Pictured: not as evil as the insurgency in Iraq)

Nice historical perspective, Senator.

Arizona Sen. John McCain played it cautiously Monday night, barely mentioning his Democratic rivals for the presidency, hailing past and present Republican presidents and underscoring that his focus as president would be waging war against "radical Islamic extremism."

Speaking to about 500 party faithful at the Outagamie County Lincoln Day Dinner, McCain said the war in Iraq was part of the fight against Islamic extremism, "the greatest evil, probably, that this nation has ever faced."

Yeah, probably not.

Nazi Germany took over one continent and a good chunk of another, executed 12,000,000 men, women, and children in the name of racial purity, and started a war that killed 70,000,000 people worldwide. The Japanese slaughtered 35,000,000 Chinese, including 300,000 mostly for the hell of it at Nanking. And of course there’s Stalin, who killed 20,000,000 of his own people and Mao, who probably wiped out 2-3 million for being disloyal.

Someone who ranks Osama and the war in Iraq above World War II and Hitler and Stalin and Mao just should not be taken seriously about anything. It should be automatic grounds for a complete loss of all credibility, especially on national security issues. Period. It’s ridiculous.

I realize St. McCain, like all wingnuts, dreams of being Churchill. But you can’t be Churchill without a Hitler, and Osama and company are pikers compared to Hitler.

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