Is this a great country or what?

Having been made aware of Michelle Obama’s hateful comments against America which were not only worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined, they also made the Baby Jesus spit up Mother Mary milk, Cindy McCain jumps in with both Ferragamo stilettos

During her introduction of Sen. John McCain at a rally Tuesday, his wife Cindy responded to controversial comments made by another 2008 spouse yesterday.

“I am proud of my country. I don’t know about you? If you heard those words earlier, I am very proud of my country,” Mrs. McCain said while revving up the crowd and introducing her husband.

When asked at a media availability afterward if they were responding to Michelle Obama’s comments that this election was the “first time” she was “really proud” of the U.S., Sen. McCain deferred to his wife–who reiterated her previous words.

“I just wanted to make the statement that I have and always will be proud of my country,” McCain said.

As well she should be. Where else could Cindy McCain get away with stealing drugs donated to help impoverished Third World people in order to keep that damn monkey off of her back. And where else could she walk away unscathed? To be fair, she was under a lot of pressure at the time because her husband was up to his wattled neck in the Charles Keating Affair, and now look, he’s going to be the Republican candidate for President. So not only is this a great country, but it’s also a very forgiving country, and that has to count for something…

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