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Paper killed story about Vitter and hookers

Yeah, and who is surprised at this? After all, he’s not a homo.

A Washington Post Style editor killed a story on a New Orleans madam who alleged she arranged trysts for Louisiana senator David Vitter (R-LA), a Post gossip columnist says.

Post gossip guru Amy Argetsinger arranged an interview with a madam in New Orleans after Vitter admitted his name appeared on the phone records of a DC madam. Speaking to the Washington City Paper’s Erik Wemple in an article published Friday, she said her editor, Steve Reiss, “spiked the story on sourcing grounds.”

“Reiss was aware that everyone else was writing about her but said that we can’t use that as an excuse-in essence, that the Post had to take the higher moral ground,” Argetsinger said in an email.

The MSM and higher moral ground?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding

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