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How Can We Win The War With Troops Who Are So Ignorant Of The Issues?

1393258293_50c7624f25_m.jpgIf this article is true, Texas is teeming with phony soldiers.

Few communities have more at stake in the upcoming presidential election than Killeen. Whoever wins will preside over wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that dominate the lives of Killeen residents, including the approximately 50,000 soldiers who call neighboring Fort Hood home between deployments.

But the seemingly obvious choice here — McCain, a former prisoner of war who has been a staunch supporter of the Iraq war — may not be so obvious after all.

"I don’t see a consensus on any candidate at all, on either side," said Ralph Gauer, a retired Army colonel who many community leaders said has the best sense of Killeen’s leanings.

What?! How is this possible? There’s only one choice if you’re in the military: vote Republican. 

Don’t these soliders know that Democrats hate them? Don’t they know the Democrats want to surrender in Iraq? Don’t they know Osama would vote Democrat? Don’t they know we must defeat the defeatists and elect a Republican?

With few immediately visible signs that presidential politics are at work in Killeen, the most active organization in town may be volunteers for U.S. Rep. Paul of Lake Jackson— all 28 of them.

No! Not that Republican!

Don’t these soldiers know that Paul is a clueless joke who wants to pull out of Iraq and blames America for everything? What’s going on here?

But it gets worse.

…people such as Sgt. Maj. Antonio Barnes, who likes Clinton’s experience as a U.S. senator from New York but has not picked a favorite.

While getting a high-and-tight haircut, surrounded by stylists chatting in Korean, Barnes, 45, declined to discuss the war — "being a soldier, I follow orders" — but he said broader concerns about the economy are more important to his eventual choice.

"I’m concerned about the middle class getting smaller," he said. "The gap between the haves and the have-nots is getting wider. I’m thinking about my children: Are they going to live as well as my generation has?"

Sgt. Maj. Barnes is seriously confused and needs an intervention immediately. The fact that he’s even considering voting for cut-and-run Hitlery is bad enough. But for him to swallow this whole Democrat fantasy that the government can make the economy better for the middle class? Pathetic.

The middle class is doing just great. Stop believing the liberal media’s lies and suck it up, Sgt. Barnes.

If these are the views of the soldiers in Texas, we might as well put all our women in burkas and burn all our bibles now. We’ve already lost.

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