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Sunday Talking Head Thread

Photo via reader gw.

Here’s the Sunday talking head line-up for today: 

Washington Journal: 7:30am – Susan Milligan, Boston Globe, National Political Reporter; 8:30am – Newspaper Articles & Viewer Calls;  9am – Lisa Curtis, Heritage Foundation, Asian Studies Senior Fellow; 9:30am – Avni Mustafaj, National Albanian American Council, Executive Director.

ABC’s This Week: Sen. John McCain (R AZ); Roundtable: EJ Dionne, Claire Shipman, Jay Carney, George Will.

CBS’ Face The Nation: David Axelrod, Chief Strategist, Obama Campaign; Howard Wolfson, Communications Director, Clinton Campaign; Mayor L. Douglas Wilder (D-Richmond); Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (D-Los Angeles); Roger Simon The Politico.

CNN’s Late Edition: Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA); Bill Bradley (D); Sen. Mitch McConnell, (R-KY), Sen. Jack Reed, (D-RI).

Fox News Sunday: Mike McConnell Director of National Intelligence; Jim Doyle (D-WI), Gov. Ted Strickland (D-OH).

NBC’s Meet The Press: Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY); Roundtable that reunites the old Capital Gang (CHS notes:  as one reader e-mailed me — now with more snores!): Margaret Carlson, Al Hunt, Bob Novak, Kate O’Beirne, Mark Shields. 

Chris Matthews Show: David Gregory, NBC News; Elisabeth Bumiller, The New York Times; Chrystia Freeland, Financial Times; David Brooks, New York Times.

Sixty Minutes: A Thousand Lives A Month? A renowned researcher estimates that 22,000 patients could have been saved if the Food and Drug Administration removed the heart surgery drug Trasylol two years ago, when his study revealed widespread death associated with it. The Pursuit Of Happiness: Little Denmark, with its five-and-a-half million people, is the happiest country in the world, says a study done by an English University.

Of all the guests on all the shows, having Chrystia Freeland on the Matthews Show just after she’s written an article on discussing the problem of sexism in the workplace has to be the hoot of the day for me.  That could be amusing…if it even comes up.  

I hope that Susan Milligan gets to talk a bit about her series on back-room dealing among the GOP.  It was a fantastic one, but since it’s a bit old, I’m assuming she’ll be talking about her recent superdelegates article based on the media call that Howard Wolfson did earlier in the week. 

Obviously, Faux News has McConnell on to spew the Bush/Cheney line on FISA.  Too bad he’s already been undercut by the conservative/libertarian leaning CATO Institute which called malarky on the "fear, fear, fear" claims.   I’d expect the same parroted points from Mitch McConnell.  Would that either network would call their bluff with factual rebuttal — guess we’ll see.  Other than that, it’s a whole lot of primary discussions.

Today’s photo comes to us via reader gw.  It’s an Anna’s Hummingbird sitting on her nest — not something you get to see every day, considering how tiny the nests are (about the size of a quarter in diameter) and how well hummingbirds tend to hide them among the branches.  Thought everyone would get a kick out of this one.

So, what’s catching you eye on the blogs or in the news this morning?

(H/T to dakine and Elliott.)

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