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Culture and Media Institute: Dear Abby promotes adultery, homosexuality

Fundie monitoring org, the Media Research Center, has folks with nothing better to do than to put the columns of ally Jeanne Phillips (aka Dear Abby) under the microscope to look for items that indicate, in their minds, that she is leading the decline of Western Civilization and is the headmistress of the school of homosexualism and adultery.

“At times Abby appears to condone adultery, even homosexual adultery,” the report said. “‘Confused in Illinois’ wrote Abby that she had no interest in intimate relations with her husband, but she is now involved in a ‘passionate sexual relationship’ with a female friend. Abby told her to ‘look at the bright side. At least you now finally understand what has been missing…'”

On homosexuality, the 2007 columns were unanimous in their sympathy to the homosexual agenda in the United States. In October, Phillips told the Associated Press that she supports same-sex “marriage.” She said, “I believe if two people want to commit to each other, God bless ’em.”

On sex between unmarried individuals, she endorsed it 53 of 54 times the subject arose. And the one exception was, in fact, a joke.

“Only once did Abby suggest waiting until marriage before engaging in sexual activity, and that was to a 59-year-old widow who asked how to respond to her 71-year-old widower companions’ question about how she feels about sex. Abby suggested, “The next time the gentleman asks how you feel about sex, say, ‘I love sex. How do you feel about marriage?'”

The Media Research Center, parent of the Culture and Media Institute, said it was offering a way for concerned newspaper readers to take action. It is providing a link that allows readers to demand that newspapers print a disclaimer above the “Abby” columns, “warning readers that she is not an accredited professional and her advice on sexual morality cannot be trusted.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding