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“Radical” Russ now THE voice of marijuana reform

If you haven’t seen me post in a while, it’s for good reason.  This week, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws tapped me to become the host of the NORML Daily Audio Stash, which is the most widely-downloaded podcast on marijuana reform in the world and a regular entry in the top ten lists of political podcasts at iTunes and PodcastAlley.

I also get to be blogmaster at the Stash, which generates about a quarter-million hits per day.  Yes, pun intended.

Best of all… they PAY me for this!  Woo-hoo!  To all those people in my younger days who told me all that pot smoking was going to lead to ruin… HA!  I’m now a paid professional pothead (and I can pick a peck of pickled peppers, too.)

Stop on by, we should have our comments section up next week.  (My webmaster’s still working out the WordPress coding.)  But don’t think that’s going to keep me away from blogging here at the Blend (hmm, now I have a Blend and a Stash), because deep down, these issues aren’t too dissimilar; we’re talking about the civil rights of people who  live a lifestyle and share an identity not approved of by the mainstream and sometimes criminalized by the people in power.

There are important differences, to be sure.  Nobody’s born a stoner and nobody’s tied up on a fencepost to die in the elements for offering to share a joint.  But then again, nobody’s home is violently broken into by SWAT, property forfeited, and personally incarcerated for being gay, either.  It’s all about civil rights, and I’ll stand for that fight whether it’s race, sexuality, or choice of medicines that’s being discriminated against.

Oh, and I still have that little radio show going on the weekends, The Russ Belville Show.  And I’m still Associate Director of Oregon NORML.  And I still work a day job teaching computer software.  Zoinks!  I’ve got five jobs!  And three of them pay!  So much for that amotivational syndrome…

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