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The Protect America Act sunsets on Saturday, and the House stood up to the threat of a Bush veto of an extension and adjourned for President’s Day weekend without giving in to Lil’ Boots’ fear mongering.

As Nancy Pelosi said in her superbly adult press conference today, the underlying FISA law is still in place and if Bush didn’t think he had everything he needed in order to "protect America" he wouldn’t have threatened the veto, and the House Republicans would have stayed and voted instead of engaging in grandstanding chickenshittery by walking out and holding a pissy little press conference to whine.

Big ups to Reyes, Hoyer, Pelosi and Conyers (YouTube):

And so Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent that we put into the record at this point CNN.com news, ‘Phone Companies Cut FBI Wiretaps Due to Unpaid Bills.’ A lot’s been said about what some call ‘patriotic phone companies.’ Are these the same companies that cut off the FBI FISA wiretaps because the FBI hadn’t paid its phone bill? This is breaking news. I ask unanimous consent that we examine this issue and that we include it in the ones in the 21-day period.

Damn satisfying. I don’t even smoke and I think I need a cigarette.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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