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Late Nite FDL: “Get Shays Out, Get Himes In There!”

Ed Anderson graduates from choking Terry McAuliffe to providing compulsive commentary on the Mad Dog thrashing of Chris Shays (video) at Connecticut Local Politics:

6:04 pm:

Wow. Listening to Mike and the Mad Dog.

They say they are done with Shays, done, done, done, done, done.

Now they are doing an advertisement for Jim Himes. Reading his whole website on air, now like three or four minutes.

Mad Dog says “Shays picked a fight today!”

Man, I gotta get some money down on this fight. Like pronto!

And for the record, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo is a Republican.

6:23 pm:

Mike says Jim Himes is a Presbyterian, and is asking people to get out their checkbooks for Himes. Francesca telling people the most they can give is $4600.

Francesca: “We’ll have a Mike and the Mad Dog picnic for Himes up in Connecticut this summer…”

6:27 pm:

Mad Dog, “I’m embarrassed to be a Republican. Chris Shays was a disgrace, but he always is…”

I just talked to Edward on the phone. He tells me that Mike & the Mad Dog "own" drive time and Shays is toast.

He appears to be celebrating.

(via ctblogger at My Left Nutmeg)

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