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I know many of you have a preference in the Democratic race…or did but your candidate has now dropped out. I also know that for many in the blog or activist world tensions run high between two people who are both pretty good candidates all-in-all, though not perfect.

But today is Abraham Lincoln’s 199th birthday, and how fitting that the locations of so much Civil War strife are holding primaries.

The Democratic Party, then the party of State’s Rights and long the old remnants of the Confederacy, has as its remaining contestants an African-American and a Woman — two groups disenfranchised, for the most part, during Lincoln’s lifetime in either most, or all, of the nation. For all its struggles, how great for the Nation and the Party. What an inspiring sign of progress.

And then there is the virtually certain Republican nominee.

*Note: photo may not actually be of Lincoln but I cannot confirm.
(pic from jackjonesfoto’s)

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