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Request from Jim Neal in NC (Candidate for US Senate v. Senator Dole)


We have a fantastic staffer who’s come to town to work for nuttin (we are running a very lean, mean organization….)Great guy and as nice as they come– and uber-smart.

SOS is for a friend of our campaign to offer a room for him to lodge? He (Christian) has been bunking on the pull-out sofa at our home in the meanwhile and the poor guy needs his privacy. He’s great about jerking me out of bed at 4:30 am when I need to be wheels-up (like tomorrow!) but I am asking if anyone locally can offer to have Christian as a guest. He deserves better than a pull-out sofa in the den and sharing a bathroom— a little privacy for him would much appreciated.

I’ll vouche for him personally— and assure you that he’s polite and too respectful.

So….SOS in the Wake/Durham/Orange county areas?



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