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McCain Is The Bastard At GOP’s Family Reunion


A week after St. McCain was anointed The One by the giddy, maverick-loving media and villagers like George Will wagged their fingers at the CPAC wingnuts to fall in line, Peggy Noonan’s idiots the fundies told them all to go to hell.

…the rebuke of John McCain by Republican voters tonight has been stunning. Sure, Kansas and Louisiana are prime Mike Huckabee territory, so maybe you can rationalize McCain’s losses there. But what about Washington state? McCain managed only 26% of the caucus vote there, barely edging out not only Huckabee, but Ron Paul and Mitt Romney as well — the first a protest candidate and the second a no-show. These were caucus goers, not primary voters, and they knew perfectly well that Romney had pulled out of the race, but they voted for him anyway. Why? To thumb their noses at McCain, presumably.

(Did you get that? 26%! For a presumptive nominee!)

Bottom line: this has been a disastrous night for McCain. Sure, he’ll win the nomination eventually, but he looks like a goner in the general election.

When you consider that every major wingnut with a mic has come out against him and he got booed at CPAC, it’s pretty clear that the GOP’s shock troops ain’t buyin’.

Again I ask, who is St. McCain’s base?

John McCain’s losses in Kansas and Louisiana — and his narrow win in Washington state* — suggest that, at the very least, the Republican party will not be able to begin preparing for the general election as soon as leaders would like. At worst, Mike Huckabee’s insistence on staying in the race undermines McCain’s precarious status as a consensus conservative candidate. The longer that anyone-but-McCain voters have an option in the primary voting booth, the less likely they will be to turn out to vote in the general at all.

But it wasn’t all bad for St. McCain over the weekend. He did get the chimpy seal of approval.

Someone please remind me why I’m supposed to be scared of this guy.

*(Even St. McCain’s Washington win is in doubt.)

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