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Hannity Comes Out From Under His Rock

I was watching Fox news last night and heard Hannity talking about the Guantanamo six that they’re going to seek the death penalty for. My jaw just about hit the floor when he said that with all of the people who have been proven innocent after having been found guilty of capital crimes, he was starting to rethink his position on it.

Now I wasn’t shocked because Hannity was starting to think that the death penalty was wrong, because I don’t believe in the Easter bunny either and I don’t actually think Hannity gives a toss. Rather it’s a significant shift in Fox culture when one of its marquee assholes starts talking like that, and it likely means that they’re starting to worry about losing market share.

So it’s doubly stupid to start thinking about legitimizing them by letting them be the arbiter of a Democratic debate and give them access to a new audience. Fortunately, the next debate is going to be in Austin on CNN on February 21.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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