And I thought this matter was over, but somehow it’s back in the news again. Stories like these are prime examples of why vocal GOP homophobes and moralists shouldn’t hold office. They spend the day hours railing about (and legislating against) the private proclivities of others, while in the dark of night they get their kinks on.

Former Washington State Rep. Richard Curtis, married with kids and who voted against a gay rights measure, didn’t seem to have a problem violating the sanctity of his marriage with rent boys in Spokane. (AP):

The resignation of a conservative politician who claims he was shaken down by a gay hustler has again exposed the seamy underside of this ostensibly staid city.

Former state Rep. Richard Curtis, who went to Spokane in late October for a Republican conference, got into trouble when he also stopped at an adult bookstore, picked up a man named Cody Castagna, and brought him to his hotel room for sex. Castagna, 26, later demanded $1,000. Curtis refused to pay, and claims Castagna and his associates tried to blackmail him by threatening to reveal the married lawmaker’s sexual practices.

Witnesses told police that Curtis was a regular patron of the adult bookstore, liked to dress in women’s lingerie, and was observed having sex in an upstairs room with a man with a cane.

…Since 2000, the city has been rocked by a family man who killed 10 prostitutes and had sex with some of their corpses; the outing of former mayor Jim West as a closeted homosexual who offered city jobs to young men in exchange for sex; and the bankruptcy of the Roman Catholic diocese over lawsuits brought by victims of sexual abuse by priests.

…He told a newspaper in his southwest Washington district shortly after the story broke that sex was not involved in the alleged extortion attempt, and said he was not gay.

But police reports showed that Curtis told investigators he had in fact had sex with Castagna.

Of course he’s not gay; he just has sex with men and doesn’t tell his wife he’s bisexual. That makes sense. More after the jump.From my earlier post:

And this is what living a lie, denial and the closet does to people — ensure the spread of HIV. Curtis, a married man, made a demand to have bareback sex with Castagna according to the police report.

[Castagna] state [Curtis] was a “freak.” [Castagna] said that [Curtis] dressed in women’s lingerie during sex. [Castagna] said he used a condom and performed anal intercourse on [Curtis]…. After the sex act was completed [Curtis] told [Castagna] he wanted to perform “bareback sex” on [Castagna because Curtis] did not like the feel of condoms. [Castagna] told [Curtis] that he did not do that, that he didn’t know [Curtis], and that “bareback sex” was unsafe sex and was dangerous. [Curtis] asked [Castagna] “what would it take for you to do it.”

The whole thing is just sleazy; a cast of characters right out a potboiler.


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding