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Rocking the Vote … WA, NE, LA and the Virgin Islands

We’ll have a regular schedule of posts tonight with Ian at 4PM, Kirk at 6PM and Thers at 8PM and we’ll keep today’s vote scores updated in separate threads throughout the evening.

We’ve got caucuses in Washington and Nebraska, a primary in Louisianna and a convention in the Virgin Islands today. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Huckabee overwhelmed McCain 60% to 24% in Kansas. Paul got 11% and Romney 3%, all delegates go to Huck.

Update 5:09PM PST: from the WA Democratic party site:

WA – 24.1% reporting

candidate percent delegates
Obama 65% 5136
Clinton 33.5% 2654
Uncommitted 1.3% 101
Other .25% 20

Update 2 5:20 PM PST:

Nebraska 73.5% reporting

Clinton 30.8%

Obama 69.1%

Update 3 5:27 PST – CNN projects NE for Obama 

Reports so far from NE are high turn out – same for WA but LA is expected to be low. Here’s one report from Nebraska:

They were overwhelmed and sometimes outnumbered, but Douglas County Democrats say they are pleased.

Kris Pierce, with the Douglas County Democratic Party, says caucus captains did everything possible to make sure that no caucusgoer was turned away.

"The caucus we did today is a different caucus than we planned on in February, because we weren’t sure Nebraska was going to be in the game," said Pierce.

"We went from expecting 3,000 to being prepared for 27,000 within 10 days," Pierce added.

From Washington, Jesus General has an illustrated report on his caucus on "the Alabama side of the Cascades" and statewide, turnout is huge:

At Democrat caucuses at Kennydale Elementary School in Renton, volunteers reported running out of sign-in sheets and scrambling to find more. More than 1,500 people turned out for caucuses at the Civic Auditorium, exceeding the room capacity.

At a GOP caucus in Lynnwood, a crowd of more than 400 spilled out of a church gymnasium and into adjoining rooms.

The high turn out was preceded earlier in the day with a server-crashing run on the state Democratic Party’s Web site.

The state Democratic party’s online "caucus finder" tool was overwhelmed and flashed this message: "Due to extreme traffic volume, our caucus lookup tool may operate slowly, please try back at a later time if you are having difficulty."

If you’re in these states, what was voting like? (and why aren’t we all at the Virgin Islands convention, eh?)

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