We’ll have a regular schedule of posts tonight – Thers’ at 8PM PST and of course Late Late Night Listening Pleasure. We’ll keep today’s vote scores updated in this thread throughout the evening.

As of 10:30pm PST:

Louisiana, with 3,928 of 3,966 precincts reporting is still Clinton 36% and Obama 57% with Huckabee 43% and McCain 42%.

 WA State Repulican Party has 83% of precincts reporting with Huckabee 23.8%, McCain 25.6%, Paul 21%, and Romney 16.3%.

Heres what we know as of 9:35 PM PST – we’ll update as numbers change:

Louisiana with 3881 0f 3,966 parishes or 98% reporting at 9:35 PM PST – Clinton 36% Obama 57% Edwards 3%

Washington with 96% reporting at 8:15 PM PST – Obama 67.51% Clinton 31.2%

Nebraska with 99% reporting at 6:45 PM PST – Obama 68% Clinton 32%

AP reports Obama takes "nearly 90% of the Virgin Islands convention vote" (h/t RonZuber)

Republican results: CNN has called LA for Huckabee with 44-42% but WA remains unresolved with only 78% reporting and Huck ahead 26-24%. He took Kansas 60-24%.

Turnout continues to be amazing:

NE – total D vote: 38,481 (99%)

LA – D’s 336,198 Rs – 137,420

WA – Ds 32,035 Rs – 11,742

Barack Obama’s speech tonight at the Jefferson Jackson dinner is available here. As soon as Hillary Clinton’s is posted, we’ll add that link to the updates.

What do you think this means for the race?



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