Washington with 87.8% reporting at 7:00 PM PST – Obama 67.35% Clinton 31.4%

Nebraska with 99% reporting at 6:45 PM PST – Obama 68% Clinton 32%

Louisiana with 1578 0f 3,966 parishes or 38% reporting at 6:45 PM PST – Clinton 38% Obama 53% Edwards 4%  (CNN calls for Obama)

We’ll have a regular schedule of posts tonight Kirk upstairs, Thers at 8PM PST and of course Late Late Night Listening Pleasure. We’ll keep today’s vote scores updated in separate threads throughout the evening.

We’ve got caucuses in Washington and Nebraska, a primary in Louisianna and a convention in the Virgin Islands today. See top of post for what we know so far.

Big turnout reported in Washington and Nebraska – wow! From Washington, Northwest Progressive reports:

After convening my precinct’s caucus nearly an hour ago, and screaming myself hoarse to the HUGE crowd of people gathered in my precinct, I think the appropriate word to describe turnout today is megagigantic-massive. I was not prepared for this. None of the organizers at our area were.
We ran out of chairs.
We ran out of sign in sheets (had to send someone to the copier for more).
We ran out of pens.
We ran out of tables.
We are out of everything here except for people.

And Goldy at HorsesAss says:

Our caucus location was simply overwhelmed, with every precinct running out of sign-in sheets. 49 people caucused in my precinct, more than twice what I saw in 2004, which had been by far the most crowded caucus I’d ever attended; the chart for calculating delegate apportionment only went up to 25, so we had to do the math to determine the results. It was messy and disorganized — we had to wait for the custodian to open up classrooms because the cafeteria was stuffed to over-flowing — and incorrect instructions were repeatedly delivered… but then democracy is messy, with or without the capital “D”.

And the AP reports from Nebraska:

OMAHA — Thousands of people statewide overflowed school gyms, sat in traffic and stood in groups on Saturday to be counted as part of Nebraska’s first Democratic presidential caucus.

In Douglas County, the state’s most populous county, an average of 1,000 people turned out at each of 15 caucus sites, said Eric Fought, spokesman for the state party.

Sarpy County had one caucus site for 28,000 registered Democrats, triggering traffic backups for miles and complaints from voters while changing the way officials conducted the caucus.

Law enforcement shut down Highway 370 and the intersection leading into the site — a school cafeteria — because the area was packed with cars.

The influx of people was so massive that volunteers began collecting preference cards for people who preferred Obama or Clinton, then allowing them to leave. Traditional caucus procedures allow for more interaction, with supporters standing on either side of a room trying to persuade the undecided and not-so-sure supporters of other candidates to join them.

My favorite tale of the day so far:

Seattle bakery Cupcake Royale is having a "Cupcake Caucus" to raise money for charity. Customers are casting votes by buying treats to support their favorite candidates. While Obama and Hillary cupcakes are flying off the shelves – nobody has requested a McCain cupcake. (my bold)



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