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Dear Leader to Tennessee tornado victims: 'Life is unfair'

Jeezus. After Katrina, we cannot expect anything but more of the same from Bush.  

Imagine — there you are, amidst devastation, your house blown away, you have nothing to your name, and the President of the United States parachutes in to offer his heartfelt support. However, we have a sociopath-in-chief who apparently doesn’t have anyone on his staff that can prepare some basic remarks that would at least give the impression that he gave a damn. The leader of the formerly free world to victims of the tornados that ripped through the South this week:

We’re sorry you’re going through what you’re going through.

You know, life sometimes is, uh, you know, is unfair, and you don’t get to play the hand that you wanted to play. But, the question is, when you get dealt the hand, how do you play it?

And I’ve come away with this impression of the folks of Macon County. One, you’re down-to-Earth, good, hard-workin’ people. They have a respect for the Almighty, and this community’s going to be as strong as ever. That’s what I think.

Raw Story has the video. I know where some of those poor folks probably wanted to shove that metaphorical deck of cards.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding