Pre-Friday Random Ten

Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

Special announcement: Under the normal rules, commenters are not allowed to exclude or skip any songs that may reflect badly upon themselves (such as "I’ve Never Been To Me", "Kokomo", "Chick A Boom (Don’t Ya Jes’ Love It)" or anything by Rush) however you now have special dispensation to skip "Conquest" by White Stripes, which is the worst goddam song I have heard in twenty years. I would rather listen to "My Humps" on a continuous tape-loop for twenty-four straight hours than hear Jack White’s barbaric yelp one more time.



From Your Mouth – God Lives Underwater
Spanish Bombs – The Clash
Don’t Blame Me – Terence Blanchard
Ladyfingers – Luscious Jackson
Feel the Bass – The X-Ecutioners
What Happened Then – Apples In Stereo
Losing Streak – Eels
Malena (Main Theme) – Yo-Yo Ma
Facing East – Thievery Corporation
Fire – Ohio Players
and number eleven even though it would have been pretty good to end with Fire :

Pitseleh – Elliott Smith

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