I just flew in and, boy, do I hate brown people…

I cover the shirefront

Mark Steyn, former Conrad Black factotum, arrives at CPAC ("Now 97% whiter!") to take in 103-year-old John McCain’s "suck-on-it" speech to the assembled semi-humanoids only to find that The Straight-talkin’ Maverick had filled the room with Mavericans:

I’d say McCain definitely papered the house. I arrived at CPAC just before Mitt began to speak and was struck by the number of young student-ish types milling about in McCain T-shirts. While my minder went off to check her coat, I was loafing around the lobby, heard a conversation in Spanish, and noticed it was three of the McCain T-shirted students. Which struck me as odd: you don’t hear a lot of Spanish at CPAC.

Almost all of the visible McCainiacs had left the hotel by about 20 minutes after he finished speaking.

No complaints from me. That’s politics. Think of it as McCain’s second surge. He increased troop strength to the levels he needed, and he got away with it – at least as far as TV coverage was concerned. Things would have gone differently without them. For my own speech, in an unpapered room, the despondency over the way this primary season has gone was palpable.

Or, as David St. Hubbins, once put it:

They were still booing him when we came on stage.

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