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Clinton, Cash and the Fox F*%kup


If they continue on like this for a few more days, Obama will have $15M to Clintons $7.5M more to spend… the point is, there is more than enough money being raised by both sides that its not really a significant advantage, especially at the Presidential level– you need enough money but having a ton more cannot alone win it. Ask Ron Paul.

I might be more inclined to agree with this had Clinton not screwed the pooch and agreed to the Fox News debate.

With a large cash deficit, Clinton needed to find ways to keep her face in front of the voters without having to depend on expensive TV advertising — where Obama can outspend her. So she challenged Obama to four more debates, which guarantees her "free media" in a forum she does well in.

As Joe Klein says (yes, Joe Klein), Clinton’s strengths — her wonkish ability to drill down into policy details — serve her well in a debate forum. Obama’s messianic movement rhetoric that make his rallies so inspirational simply isn’t as effective there.

Under normal circumstances, the online community would probably be calling for him to accept the debate challenge, to keep the Democratic message before the public, and decry the reliance on carefully sculpted advertising content where the advantage went to the person with the most money. But that disappeared the minute Fox News entered the picture.

The very same people who would have been trying to level the playing field and push for open debate are simply not going to advocate for a situation where Fox News becomes empowered with arbiter status to a new audience of people who are just tuning into the political conversation. And Clinton undermines her message to these people — that the right wing noise machine is something to be fought, not accommodated — when she shows a willingness to offer them that authority.

When Clinton included Fox on the list of debates she wanted Obama to agree to, she sowed the seeds of failure into the plan. It would be nice if he would accept the other debates, but singling out Fox really isn’t his deal so I don’t imagine he will. In cosying up to Fox, the Clinton campaign gave Obama the ability to perfectly thread that needle. It makes his cash advantage weigh heavily in his favor. He is the frontrunner.

From both a movement and a practical perspective, colossally stupid.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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