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Agita…I Has It.

I read some pretty stressful stuff nearly daily – as do all of us active in the blogosphere and who strive to stay informed…particularly in this election year. Sometimes when it gets too much for me I hit Cute Overload, or I Can Has Cheezburger…love them lolcats.

But today, reading this post, neither of those sites could distract or comfort me.

I am not of a mind to go further about the spectre of a VP Huckabee, and all the scenarios that produces – none of which bode well for me, my partner, or my other LGBT brothers and sisters. Pam and the commenters have done that job well in the earlier post.

So tonight, heading into the evening, I thought I would share with you the one thing that managed to get me out of my funk. It is below… 

Only 55 seconds – watch at least twice. Make sure to get a look at the little one after he is a bit naughty. Little boy with such a precise English accent…ah…agita abates.





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Julien Sharp

Julien Sharp