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Who Is McCain’s Base?

Cornerite Mark Levin is the latest wingnut to diss St. McCain:

To say, from one’s computer keyboard, that the Reagan coalition should unify behind McCain to prevent the specter of a Clinton or Obama presidency is, I believe, wishful thinking. Even here, where the smartest minds are trying to make the case, some use the perverse argument that Reagan wasn’t all that conservative anyway, and that’s a reason to back McCain. Not only does this defy history, but it offends those who lived through that history and were shaped by it. Moreover, Republican voters won’t buy it. McCain is sitting on a one-legged stool, having broken the two other legs.

If St. McCain’s shock troops don’t come from the Village Republicans, the Malkinites or the fundies, where do they come from?

Meanwhile, Carpetbagger finds a nugget in last night’s exit polls:

* “Voters who said they had a ‘negative opinion’ of President Bush’s administration flocked to McCain, who picked them up by wide margins in most states.”

On that last point, one of the top goals of the Dems, in the short and long term, is to connect McCain to Bush — like two peas in a pod.

Yep. Good on Howard Dean for getting that ball rolling last night on MSNBC. Say it with me, everyone. McCain=Bush. McCain=Bush. McCain=Bush.

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