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Rush Limbaugh Has Finally Gone Too Far

I hope the Clinton and Obama campaigns jump all over this right away with press releases, a conference call with the media,  whatever they have to do. They need to set the record straight — now — and nip this in the bud.

This is just beyond the pale.

On Mr. Limbaugh’s program today, he said people should not be rushing to back Mr. McCain over issues of national security. The talk host said America’s direction in Iraq would not be substantially different even if Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama were elected. "They are not going to surrender the country to Islamic radicalism or the war in Iraq," Mr. Limbaugh said after mentioning the two Democratic senators by name. "They are not going to do that to themselves, despite what their base says."

I’m outraged!

How dare Limbaugh claim that Hillary and Obama aren’t going to surrender to the terrorists.

Why the hell does he think I’m sending them money?!

If it’s one thing I’ve been able to count on since 9/11, its that my party is the party of treason, surrender, suicide bombers and burkas for everyone. The Republicans told me again and again that I could count on every elected Democrat adhering to this platform — from Max Cleland to John Kerry to Nancy Pelosi — and especially, Hillary and Barack Osama Obama.

If Rush is saying that I don’t want the terrorists to win in Iraq so they can then ultimately establish a caliphate here in America where I won’t be free to practice my religion, have a beer, shave, or watch "Family Guy", Limbaugh’s McCain Derangement Syndrome has gotten the best of him.

What’s the point in voting Democratic now?

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Blue Texan

Blue Texan