We just did a trip to New Mexico last week.  We flew out of Bradley International Airport which, thankfully, offers free wireless internet in the waiting area.

I was doing my usual web browsing when I tried to pull up Pam’s House Blend and got the following:

I took a screen shot, because, well, why not record the first time I’ve ever had a site blocked on my browser.

So here’s the thing: Daily Kos?  Not banned.  So it’s not the politics of the site.  I think it’s specifically because the site is overtly right out front oriented around queer issues.  Daily Kos has plenty of content which would be offensive to the same people but it isn’t often right there in front and it’s not as obvious and/or open about it.

So there you have it.  I’ve heard about this happening but never seen it.  So is Pam’s House Blend more “adult” than Daily Kos?  What do you think?



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